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Rhino 3D Commands

These Following notes were made by Ryan Knope with assistance by the Rhino 3D Introduction which was made available byRobert McNeel and Associates. This is a list of most of the commands in Rhino 3D. I dont garauntee that every single one is in here but there are a lot of em. They are not in Alphabetical order, so I am truly sorry for that, but its not that I can say my alphabet anyways. Enjoy! :-)

Exploding a Solid into Parts : explode

To Extract a Surface from a solid: xtra

Zooming Extents: ze

Copy: copy

Subtract a Object from another: bd

4 Veiw Points: 4veiw

Rotate Veiw: rm

Scale Object: scale

Save your File: save

Zoom Extents in ALL Veiwports: zea

Toggling the Grid Snap: snap

Change Snap Spacing: snapsize

Toggle Ortho Mode: SHIFT

Set Ortho Angle: orthoangle

Toggle Planar Mode: planar

Set Persistant Object Snaps: osnap

Freeze all Persistant Object Snaps: freezeosnap

Select All Visual Objects: all

Select all Visible Curves: selcurve

Select all Objects in a Layer: sellayer

Undo Previous Actions: undo

Redo the Previous Undone Actions: redo

Set the minimum number of Undo levels: numundo

Set the size of Memory Undo Block: undomemsize

Extrude Planar Curve, Straight: z

New Document: new

Open a Document: open

Save As: saveas

Import or Merge a File: merge

Veiw Notes: notes

Export Selected Objects: export

Veiw Print Set Up: printsetup

Print: print

Exit the Program: exit

We here at Rhino3D ToolBox are still currently working on this list so it is not finished yet. We will be adding to this list as we get more lines of commands. Thank you for taking the time to read the commands page that I made.

If you have any Questions...Comments.......Additions.....Art........or anything else you would like to add please E-Mail me at

Ryan Knope

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