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This section Describes all of the Features in Rhino 3D. It should be Helpfull to read all of these over and possibly print this out. I know you are this person crazy I am not printing this out. But it will really help you.

Geometry Types in Rhino 3D

There are 5 basic geometry types in Rhino 3D: There are points, Surfaces, Curves, Solids, and Polygon meshes. All Curves, Surfaces, and Solid are Nurbs Objects. Nurbs stands for Non-Uniform Rationl B-Splines. You dont need to remember this though. Just remember that Nurbs are very smooth. Rhino can make a Polygon meshed object out of Nurbs or vice versa if you want to export them to a different program. But on to the Geometry itself!

Curves, Points, and Surfaces

Points: Point objects will mark a single spot in 3 Dimensional Space. They are represented by a dot or a very small box. These are the most simple objects in Rhino 3d. Here is a Picture of a point in 3D space. These will be used a lot even though they are the simplest objects.

Curves: Every Nurbs Surface Contain Curves. curves can take many shapes or forms. Curves can match the edge of any surface you want.

Learn More About Curves In Rhino 3D

Surfaces: Surface by definition is explained as a Matrix of spline based control points and tangent line end points. These are all of course created in Rhino and most other 3d Packages.

These are a few examples of Surfaces made in Rhino 3D.

Surfaces can be achieved in many different ways. You can loft a curve, revolve, extrude and so on. You can also edit the sufaces by point editing. There will be more about these modifiers later in this site.

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