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This is a easy tutorial that is meant for the begginner to Rhino 3D. In this tutorial you will learn how to apply textures, add color, use revolve, maximize veiwports, and after you are done...render.

Make a Hat using Revolve in Rhino 3D

1. The first step to making this image is making your spline. Go to the tool box and select curve/ interpolated points button.Now draw a line that looks similer to this.

Now that you have done that we need to type "REV" in the commands bar. Typing this accesses the revolve tool. Revolve is similer to a lathe in 3d Sudio Max and other popular 3d programs. After type it press enter, then select the spline (the line you just made).

Now you need to select the top of the spline and drag down to the bottom in a straight line...if you do this while pressing the shift button it will stay in a straight line. Look at these images to see how we did it.

Now a Surface of Revolution message box should come up when you finish with the previous part. In this box you should select "deformable" and set it to 20 Points. Check your message box with this one.

Now your object should look like this:

Now you can add a texture if you want using the


Now a set object attributes message box should come up. It should look like this:

Now to add a texture click on texture and go to the directory where you have any windows bitmaps or jpg's. To add a color just click on the white or colored box and select your new color.

to render when you have completed this just click on the This will make a full color image of the mesh. If you right click on the render button then you will go to render setting.

To learn more about commands go to our commands page. I hope you learned a little from this tutorial. I doubt you did though unless you are a extreme begginner. This page was created By Ryan Knope. We will soon have more tutorials that are made here by us at Halo Art. Tahnx for stopping by. E-Mail me at if you have any questions or comments.

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