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Digimation.....Worlds Biggest 3DS Max Plugins Dealer

Cadcrafts.....The Worlds 3DS Max Dealing Palace

Tri-Cad: Great NT workstation Developer

Real 3D: Chipsets, Accelerator Boards and Workstations

Enorex: Unbelievable Alpha Computer

Makers of Infini-D and many Others

Electric Image Home

Power Mac/PC

O2 Workstation by Silicon Graphics

Radius Graphics Cards

Crescendo: 3D Surround Sound thatll grab you!

Accel Pro MX: win NT graphics accelerator for Softimage, Lightwave, and 3DS Max

Fast Nurbs: Great Nurbs! Win 95 and Win NT

Xert: Awsome mmx, dual 266Mhz, Win NT workstation

NewTek: Lightwave 3D

Fractal Design: Ray Dream design and many more!

Makers of Mini Cad 7

RDI Computer Corps.: New Flat Moniter

Kaydara: Makers of FilmBox

Number Nine: Graphics Acceleration Boards

NEC: Great Moniters

AdobeAfter Effects

Surface Effectors/DSFX for Lightwave 3D 5.5

Credo Interactive: Body Electric...Plug for Electric Image

XI Computer Corps. Makers of the 266 Mhz Klamath Workstation

Onyx Computing: Tree professional and Tree Storm

NetPower: Very Good NT Work Stations

Formz/RenderZone: nice modeling Program

Digital Video Direct: Great 3D Retailer

Flight Inc.: Great 3d Workstations for Windows NT

Adobe SoftWare!

Matrox: The New Matrox DigiSuite for digital animation and recording

Solar Technologies: Virtual VU

MicroScribe Digitizer Home Page

Lightscape Visualization Systems

The 3D Studio Max, 3DS 4 Home

NewFire: Torch VRML Viewer

Acuris: Bryce 3D and Perfect People

Elsa: The worlds Fastest 3D Accelerator

Newer Tech: Render Pix 502 3D Accelerator

Realimation: 3D Design Live

ViewPoint Data Labs: Best Models, best, best!

MeshMart: Great selection of free models and pay models...rivals ViewPoint Data Labs

Carrera Computers: Best in Risc Alpha!

LeadTek: Win Fast Glint Processors

Intergraph: Great NT Work Station

IBM: Good New Workstations

Sys Technology: check the Work Stations

POLHEMUS: Ultra Tek Pro Humanimation

Caligari: True Space 3


Monolith Studios

Digital Consortium

Rainbow Studios

Angel Studios

Blizzard Entertainment

Blur Studio

Boss Film Studios

Buzz F/X

Crystal Dynamics

Cyber Toons Digital

Digital Domain

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