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These meshes have been made by the operators of Halo Art and thier friends. These are for viewing and for refrence only. We will soon gather more pieces but in the time being we will only have a few meshes. These meshes are not organized into categories, but they will as soon as we gather more. We are at this point talking to the people at WWW.MeshMart.ORG about having thier thumbnails and links to the meshes right here. Our meshes are almost all in the .3dm format for Rhino 3D. To get Rhino 3D go to WWW.RHINO3D.COM and download it for free. It is in a Beta state now until March. (271kb)

A Cherry Mesh Made by Ryan Knope in Rhino 3D. (138kb)

A Exacto Knife Made By Ryan Knope in Rhino 3D

We are also looking for the publics opinion and Meshes.
s If You want to Submit your Meshes Please E-Mail Me and send them.