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Halo Art: Plugins Center

These are Plugins that we here at Halo Art have found and put links to....they are free ware or share ware and may be distributed freely. Enjoy them and embrace them with power. If you have any questions about this site or anything please E-Mail me at Thank You for showing up here.

3D Studio Max 2.0 Plugins


Solidify, collector and Push

Object, Vertex, and Particle Combustion

A nice particle Deflector and Space Warp

This plugin helps to take a edge of normal tri mesh objects and turns the edges into splines.

A Updated Edit Spline Modifier.

A nice grid recompile of the grid Primitive.

A nifty Little Veiwport Grabber

Interpolate Spline 1.0 for 3D Studio Max 2.0 lets you set any splines optimization steps, and addaptive settings of a spline that has been collapsed or Imported

UnWraps objects texture vertices to a bitmap.

Soft Spot 2.0 for 3D Studio Max 2, is a nice spotlight that casts soft shadows.

Very Similer to Lazy Points in Lightwave 5.5. It stretches a object as you animate.

Linked to XForm +.05, it is a deform based onthe XForm Modifier.

Mesh to Spline is currently a beta, it supports regular capped, and regular non capped

Normalize Spline for max 2.0

Particle 1.8 for Max 2.0

Path Utility 1.01 for Max 2.0 is a utilty to manage objects with Path Controllers

Deform Paint 0.5 for Max 2.0 is an experiment in using the paint program analogy to deform a mesh. Basically you use an ink and brush to deform a mesh by painting on it.

This site is Updated almost every day, so bookmark this site and come back every once and a while...or as often as you want. Soon we will have plugins for many more 3D programs such as Lightwave, Lightscape, Softimage, and many others. *** Note These are not our plugins...they are links and they are free ware of shareware that can be distributed freely.***

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