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Rhino Review By Ryan Knope

If you havent heard about Rhino 3D yet and are just looking at this because it interested you please just read some of this and go get Rhino at WWW.RHINO3D.COM. If you have Rhino but doesnt know exactly how to work it or what it exactly does or how it does it then read on.

Rhino 3D is a Nurbs modeler. Nurbs stands for Non-Uniform rational B-Splines, but ignore that terminology because most people dont know it or need it. In My eyes Rhino is about the give some of the biggest names in computer design and 3D a very good kick to the head and make a big wake up call for everyone.

Rhino is just about the only program that I have seen on the windows platform that has Nurbs other than 3D Studio Max, which is a sorry excuse for Nurbs! I feel that Rhino is very easy to learn and gain knowledge about. Many of my friends and I started using Rhino 3D when it first came out, it was hard to get enough info on the program and how it worked, but now there is more info than ever put out by users and makers. Rhino is great for mechanical images and organic images.

The user interface for Rhino is releatively easy to learn. To learn the interface better and remember everything you can even design your own workspace which makes Rhino look different. There also many workspaces tha are available so that you dont have to spend the time if you dont want to. There is a major amount that you can do to chane the interface to your needs. You can have small buttons or large ones, and even medium ones or have them all.

With Rhino all of the Nurbs that are produced stay Nurbs as long as you want. They dont get automatically transformed to mesh just like all of the other packages out there. You can mesh them when you want or de mesh them. The molst important thing is that when you model in Rhino whether you are using splines primitives or both it doesnt matter, because it all retains its spline information.

when most people get a 3D package they ussually have to compromise somewhat in what they get. This is not true with Rhino 3D, the new 3 Dimensional art package by McNeel and Associates. Rhino is one of the first of its kind to be released as a beta a year before it is released in the purpose of having thier Beta users help shape the development of the program. This Beta is now near its final stages ..but what is left to do. Many people are comparing the modeling in this program to the best and I agree to every one of them to the fullest degree. The modeling is extremely great and very versitile.

Just remember that Rhino is just a modeling package...not a rendering or animation package. Rendering is included somewhat in the program though. The Rhino Rendering engine is a scanline renderer. It can produce nice images but doesnt render as good as Nugraf and so on. And again its WWW.RHINO3D.COM!!!!!!

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