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We here at Halo Art are working together to make a 3D Animated Movie. It will be about 30 mintutes in lengthfor the first episode. We are using Rhino 3D to model most of the scenes. Then we are bringing them into Martin Hahs's 3d Animator for the animation. We are looking for more help on the movie. If you are interested in it please E- Mail me.

Story Board

Once one of the most beautifull places on Earth , now the land of Temptasia is in terrible danger...for a terribly Evil Being has taken it over and parts of this once great land have now become posessed and dead. Will Tampasia survive this or die like all the other lands this being has taken! Only time will tell!

The Cast

The Evil one himself...This is Desermex without a body....We plan to have his body done in a few days. He is very powerfull and is similer to Galactus in Marvel Comics. He gathers relams and dimensions for energy. He is also very magical.

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