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This is a page for the color lover in all of us. We all know we like colorfull programs. To work in a gray and dark program is a little dull. So there have been many workspaces created to make everyone a little happier and more enthused ( not that you would need any more in Rhino 3D andyways!). On this page are the best workspaces that we here at Halo Art could find. If you find a new one then please e mail me. There are pictures of all the new buttons on each workspace, and opinions about the workspace by people who work here. Check them out. They are all great and are all available at the ftp site for Rhino 3D....soon we hope that we will have them available at this page right here. We will ask McNeel and Associates soon.


This is a workspace that I Ryan Knope has made for the Visual learner. It is for both the begginner and the expert. This is only a beta right now. It is due to be done by March. It may look like some of the buttons on here are similer to others....thats because I used the others as a template. This is only available right now through this web page. I hope to have it at the Main Rhino site at WWW.Rhino3D.Com soon...when it is finished. I rendered most pics in rhino 3d for this workspace. Click Here Get the WorkSpace!

Our Newest Best!


This is the one in which everyone here at Halo Art uses. We feel that this is the best and is worth every second of getting it and using it. It has many more colors than any of the others. It is a power house of simpleness and takes about 15 minutes to get acustommed to it. We all take our hats off to the creater of this great workspace!

Here is the PowerHouse of workspaces!


---- Definately is a upgrade from the darker Rhino 3D workspace. It has basically the same buttons so you shouldnt really get confused as to what everything is if you are used to the standard Rhino workspace. There is shading added to the buttons to make you feel more comfortable and the all the usual buttons are there...but none have been added.

Here is the Colorfull.WS workspace Boxes.


---- There are more buttons but there is also a lack of color. It seems to be missing some thing, but many people seem to like it.

The Daniel .WS File....Peek a look.


****Note! This is not the same one as the one in the Beta Version of Rhino 3D!****
---- This workspace is a great one if you like the original beta workspace, because it is all that and more. I has such new buttons as ELMO, Show and Hide Points, Display bitmap, and many more. This really caught our eye because it is one of the best and easiest to use. Try it.

The Demo.WS Look!


---- This workspace has a lot of color and seems to be very popular many buttons have have drop down menus. For example there is a trnsform button which leads a drop down for the whole enchalada of things to do with it. This is the most impressive by far...Try it! I dare ya..youll be saying unclein about 5 minutes!

Check this out People!

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